Brief Scope of Web Services

We will provide the proper-sized site with room to grow as financial considerations improve and site expansion needs increase.

Plan Domains Space (MB) Email Addresses Yearly Cost
A 1 up to 200mb 5 $100
B 1 200-500mb 10 $120
C 1 500-750mb 15 $140
D 1 750-1gb 20 $150
E 1 1gb+ 30 email

Domain name research, purchase and transfer can be arranged or clients may retain control of their own domain name. Domain names purchased on behalf of the client will incur a $20 renewal fee in addition to the annual web hosting fee. Extra email addresses are available. Webmail access is included with each plan. Webmail includes full control of a spam filter that will allow you to fine tune the amount of spam that is delivered to your Outlook or other local PC mailbox.

Finding the proper graphical representation that allows the content to be expressed to its full potential.

Plan Pages Cost/Page Cost Example Pages
Starter 1 $100 $100 main page
Standard 3 $85 $255 Starter plus contact, content
Premium 5 $70 $350 Standard plus links, picture gallery, etc.
Custom multiple $75 variable Premium plus applications, data-driven pages, etc.

Design fees are in addition to web hosting fees if Oaklea Web Design hosts the site. The above plans are only a starting point.

Certain sites may need additional data-driven applications to extend the reach of its site. The use of Access databases to house client data for various purposes; customer or member registrations, directed email, address and detail lists, statistics, etc. Database design, data loading, page implementation and optional reporting will be performed at the rate of $60 per hour. The addition of database-driven pages provides features that static web pages cannot deliver.

Content Maintenance
Clients with existing sites may need assistance with maintaining their site. Whether or not your site is hosted or designed by Oaklea Web Design, we can assist you in the maintenance of your site. Maintenance is performed at the rate of $50 per hour and may be billed in 15 minute increments.

Domain Sales
Occasionally, I have domains that prove too valuable to give up. If you are interested in purchasing any of the below domains, please contact me. Some are for rent, others for sale. I would also be pleased to design and host a site for any of the domains below.

Domain Term Fee
  sale $
  lease $/yr